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摘  要:内部审计部门是每个大中型企业所不可或缺的,并且需要独立于企业财务和会计部门之外,直接接受企业主要负责人的领导,其主要作用是为企业的各项经济业务所包括的财务收支、经营管理活动及经济效益做出客观公正的评价,为企业管理层作出正确的决策提供较强的理论依据参考。内部审计的主要目的是通过审查评价企业经营活动及内部各类销售活动的正确性、有效性来进行纠错,防止舞弊,促进企业的高效运营,实现企业经济效益早日合理合法实现。


关键词:内部审计 内审现状 正确性 合法性


ABSTRACT:Internal audit is necessary to every company, and it needed to independent out of Finance and Accounting department. Internal audit should be guided by the company's leader, at least should be a manager. The most influence by Internal audit is to make an evaluation after examine all the economic business such as finance revenue and expenditure,operation management and economic beneficial result. So that advance the senior management to make the right decision. Internal audit is focus on whether it is correct or wrong through the enterprise's business operation and internal sales activities. By this way to help enterprise to realize the economic purpose into the truth reasonably and legally.

   The present situation of Internal audit in Double tree by Hilton in Chongqing north is this essay confer with. After practical training,to expound the shortcomings that I have found. Combined the theory knowledge and consult with abundant experience colleague, professional teachers and some excellent classmates. To bring up the measures which could make improvements. The most important is to carry out the expected goal on the premise that every transaction is accuracy and really enough.

Keyword : Internal Audit;Present situation of internal audit;correctly;legally

上传会员 阳の阳 对本文的描述:本文主要通过内部审计在酒店管理中所处的地位,结合我市酒店业的实际,分析内部审计在酒店业中的现状以及在实际工作中所发现问题和尚未完善的不够严谨之处。综合自身理论知识......
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