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Chapter One Introduction-1

Chapter Two The Background of Applying BBC English News-2

2.1 The Single Method of Teaching-2

2.2 Outdated Textbook Content-2

Chapter Three The Characteristics of BBC English News-4

3.1 The Timely of BBC English News-4

3.2 The Greater Extensive Contents-4

3.3 Practicality in English Reading-4

Chapter Four The Application of BBC English News-6

4.1 The Teaching Idea-6

4.2 Topic Scenes and Questions-6

4.3 Team Collaboration-6

4.4 Group Discussions and Sharing Results.7

Chapter Five The Noteworthy Points of Applying BBC English News-8

5.1 The Principle of Aptitude-8

5.2 The Teaching Thought of Humanism-8

5.3 Students’ Dominant Position-9

Chapter Six Conclusion-10





College English Reading is one of the most important basic courses for students.The paper introduces the BBC English news material into college English learning and puts forward the viewpoint that BBC English news material can be used to improve students ' reading interest, reading ability and English language ability comprehensively in English reading practice,through the analysis of the current situation of this course,and combining with the characteristics and advantages of BBC English news. This is instructive to improve the status quo of English reading learning. On the basis of combining BBC English news with college students ' reading, the paper proposes the principles and methods of Internet BBC English news usage in English reading learning. Ultimately achieve the goal of improving the quality of English reading teaching, through the appropriate use of BBC English news materials to strengthen students‘ main position in reading.


Keywords: BBC English news  Reading ability  Application value

上传会员 小猪猪 对本文的描述:大学英语阅读对于学生来说是最重要的基础课程之一,通过对于这门课程学习现状的分析,把网络英语新闻素材引入大学英语学习中,结合英语新闻自身的特点和优势, 提出在英语阅读......
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